About ResolutionTube

What problem are we solving?
Have you ever had to call an 800-service number, only to navigate annoying phone trees, wait on hold for half an hour or more and try to explain your problem over the phone? At ResolutionTube, we believe the current product service experience is completely broken. Product’s Customer service has remained almost exactly the same for the last 30 years or more, how would you like to be one of the early pioneers in completely reinventing the industry?

What we do:
ResolutionTube is a patent pending mobile video collaboration platform with augmented reality (future addition to our product). Currently, the technology is redefining the product service experience through mobile telepresence and instant access to expertise. Through secure cross-platform (Web, Android and iOS) live collaboration, ResolutionTube enables remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of machine failures. We are utilizing mobile technology to rebuild it to be fast, effective and painless. We are also harnessing hands-free smart glass devices such as Google Glass and other cutting edge technologies such as augmented reality to create an entirely new immersive experience never before possible.

At this stage we are focused on enterprises and our current pilot customer, a Fortune 500 company, was recently awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award in Enterprise Technology for our ResolutionTube Platform.

Investors and Press:
We are a TechStars Seattle 2013 graduate and are backed by some of the most reputed investors. Investors include Madrona Venture Group (a leading venture capital firm, whose prior investments include Amazon.com, Isilon Systems, others ) and many highly reputed angel investors. The company's headquarters are located in downtown Seattle, WA with a satellite office in San Francisco, CA.

ResolutionTube’s innovative technology has been covered in leading publications, including Washington Business Journals, Huffington Post, Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Gigaom and the Kauffman Foundation ID8 Magazine.