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ResolutionTube is a patent pending mobile augmented reality platform for remote collaboration.

Our Vision

Have you ever had to call an 800-service number, only to navigate annoying phone trees, wait on hold for half an hour or more and try to explain your problem over the phone? At ResolutionTube, we believe the current customer service experience is completely broken. We are utilizing mobile technology, augmented reality and smartglasses to rebuild product customer service to be fast, effective and painless.

Pioneering Google Glass in Field Service

Google Glass Field Service

Collaborate & Resolve

We connect the engineers in the field with relevant experts instantly using our patent-pending Augmented Reality platform.

Crowdsource & Capture

Get answers not only from your closest collegues but from everyone within the organization.

Aggregate Video & Data

Video chats, conversations and metadata are recorded, vetted and published as solutions such that the knowledge center is always getting richer and more useful.

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